• Introducing: Twiin.

  • Twiin’s music has a unique rock sound, as well as a strong reggae influence.

  • Similar to that of Adele, his song-writing is heartfelt and sincere.

  • Twiin’s vocal style can be compared to Bryan Adams: deep and raspy, with a soulful edge.

  • For more about Twiin, check out his About page.

About Twiin

"The more darkness I see, the more I long to shed light..."

“Twiin” is a spiritual character with two sides to him: one part fighter, he believes that music can be a weapon for justice; one part lover, his music speaks of the enduring strength of the human soul. Embittered by the violence of the concrete jungle, Twiin turned to music to save his own soul. In doing so, he became a provider for those in need, and a leader for those who’d gone astray. Twiin is a character of contrasts – hardened yet sensitive, a candle lit in the dark of night, and an honest voice yearning to be heard above the chaos of the city.

Musical History

As a boy, Twiin fell in love with music when he heard “Hungry Eyes”: he wanted to sing to a woman in the same way Eric Carmen did. Throughout his youth, Twiin experimented with various forms of music, from 80’s hiphop by Young MC and Maestro Fresh Wess, to the soulful lyricism of Phil Collins and Neneh Cherry. He began writing and performing music as a teenager, playing hard rock music at talent shows, fundraisers, and community events.

Despite a troubled adolescence, Twiin fashioned a reputation for himself as a versatile emcee and singer/songwriter. He began producing music with long-time friends Big T and DJ Rephlex, and expressed the hardships of his past through hip-hop, reggae, drum’n’bass, and acoustic guitar. His versatility and soulful sound eventually led him to be noticed by Freaky Flow, a well-known name in jungle music for whom Twiin became an opening act.

Those personal and musical influences on Twiin’s life are reflected in his current sound. Twiin’s music is a variety of “lovers rock” that melds the raw energy of hip-hop with the soulful sensibility of reggae and folk. The aggression of his past soothed by music, Twiin was resurrected as an artist whose songs now contend with the hardship of life through love and hope.

To learn more about Twiin and his work, download his press kit.

to learn more about twiin....

Download his press kit here!

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